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Hockey Team Names Idea – Creative, Funny, Dirty etc

Hockey Team Names happens to be our latest collection of team names. It contains a beautiful list of team names for your hockey team. So, have you been desperately searching for a name for your hockey team? If yes, then don’t worry as we provide you with handpicked hockey team names.

Our collection is updated and contains both creative, best funny, dirty, cool, ice, and field hockey team names. Once you are done creating your hockey team, the next move to make is to find a name that will match the characteristics of your team. Let’s assume your team is made up of funny individuals, then we suggest you find some of the best funny hockey team names below.

What Is A Good Name For A Hockey Team?

Are you wondering what a good hockey team name looks like? First of all, a good hockey team name should be able to properly represent the characteristics of your hockey team, just like every other good team names. Fortunately, providing good and unique team names for our users is the major purpose of this page, as well as the site at large.

So, if finding the proper team name is the reason why you have landed on this page, then you’re on the right place. Just as we mentioned, helping you find the best names for your hockey team is the main aim of this page. Below you will find a large collection of hockey team names that best describe you and your team.

hockey team names
Credit: mgoblue – York, Lockwood Goals not Enough as Wolverines Fall at Wisconsin.

We already know the importance of rocking a good team name. Therefore, we are not going to let you and your team down. The team names we listed below contains names that will make your team more popular and get more fans to love your team. The names are eye-catching and will help both fans and team members effortlessly connect and communicate meaning with each other.

We have been able to do the hard part which is creating the team names; now it’s time to play your easy part, which is just picking any of the names suitable for your team. Without any further ados, it is time to take a look at the list of hockey team names that we have provided below.

What Are Some Popular Hockey Terminologies?

If you are new to hockey, then it’s necessary that you pay attention to this section. This section contains some of the popular terminologies use in hockey. As a newbie, you may likely not understand some of the names, if you don’t understand the basic hockey terminologies and meaning. Below are a number of them.

Hockey Term Hockey Terminology
Backchecking. Bar Down.
Barn. Beauty/Beautician.
Biscuit. Break out.
Celly. Change on the fly.
Cherry Picker. Chip.
Chirp.   Cycling.
Deke (Deking). Delayed Penalty.
Dots. Dump and Chase.
 Forecheck. Flow.
Five hole. Guts of the Ice.
Game misconduct. Gordie Howe
Grocery Stick. Grinder.
Hat Trick. Hand Pass.
Hash marks. Hat Trick.
Headman the puck. Hoser or Hose-head.
The House. Interference.
Lettuce. Long Change.

*.Mitts *.Odd Man Rush *.Offsides *.Olympic Sheet.
*.Pinch *.Plumber *.Plus/Minus *.Point *.Sauce.
*.Sacuer Pass *.Salad *.Scoring Chance *.Sieve.
*.Slot *.Top Cheese/Top Cheddar *.Twig *.Wave off.

Hockey Team Names List.

Below are hockey team names that are relatable with your team’s character and personality. The names below are handpicked, unique, and was specially crafted for you and your team to freely use. If you are not used to some of the hockey terminologies, then you may find it difficult comprehending some of the names.

  • Hockey Hailstorm.
  • Rocky Hockey.
  • Ice Block Team.
  • Arctic Army.
  • Ice Crushers.
  • Glorious Blades.
  • Pucked Up.
  • Stick Rebels.
  • Net Bursters.
  • Name Your Pre-Ice.
  • Sabertooth Tigers.
  • Black Ice Beauties.
  • Hot Off The Ice.
  • Ice Berge.
  • S-H-E-Doubles Hockey Sticks.
  • Rabble-rousers.
  • The Benchwarmers.
  • Puck Pushers.
  • Sharp Razor Blades.
  • Bering Sea Brawlers.
  • Arctic Anarchy.
  • Hawkey Styx.
  • The High-stick Hoodlums
  • The Hockey Hookers.
  • Internationl Ref Roughers.
  • Furious Blades.
  • We Just Took A Man Down.
  • Corona Out Break.
  • Biscuit Busters.
  • Ice Melt Down.
  • Ice Fairies.
  • Razorblade Brigade.
  • Brain Freezers.
  • Ice Age.
  • Ice Ice Baby.
  • Bladed Retaliators.
  • Sin City Snipers.
  • Shaved Ice.
  • Slapshot Slashers.
  • Blades of Fury.
  • Ice Screamers.
  • Ice Road Truckers.
  • Slice the Ice.
  • Shootout Skaters.
  • Icing on the Cake.
  • Ice Cream Lovers.
  • Ice Insurgency.
  • Middle Ice Skaters.
  • Mayors Of The Ice Town.
  • Cross Checkers.
  • The Big Freeze.

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Funny Hockey Team Names.

Searching Funny Hockey Team Names (Beer League)? Don’t worry, this section covers a list of funny hockey team names idea that you can use on your team. The names on this section is going to be suitable for hockey teams with witty or hilarious kind of team members. The names can easily crack someone up and leave the whole spectators drowning in the ocean of laughter. Our funny team name collection are unique and we hope your team likes it.

  • Magnetic Sticks.
  • The Amazing Grains.
  • Penalty Box Brawlers.
  • Multiple Scoregasms.
  • Occasionally United.
  • The Wooden Men.
  • We’ve Got Moves Like Jagr.
  • Whores N’ Cock.
  • The Dekes of Hazard.
  • The Six Offenders.
  • Everyday We’re Byfuglien.
  • Shooting Blanks.
  • Ocean Drive.
  • Lessthan Athletic.
  • Walking Talking Matthew Hawking.
  • Buekeboom Goes the Dynamite.
  • Ugly Pucklings.
  • Two Girls N’ A Cup.
  • Smack my Pitchup.
  • Jackson 5 A Side.
  • Stick-In With U 4eva.
  • Norfolk N? Chance.
  • Barely Athletic.
  • Whale Oil Beefed Hucked.
  • Jane Is Just A Side Stick.
  • Goal Goal Power Rangers.
  • Tequila Mocking Birds.
  • They think it?s Moldova.
  • David Of Cameroon.
  • Unexpected Toulouse.
  • Tooting Young Boyz.
  • Is Ur Motherwell?
  • The Range Rovers.
  • Gerri’s Hatrick.
  • Toothless Wonders.
  • The Pathetic Athletics.
  • Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers.
  • New York’s Got Talent.
  • Hardly Athletic.
  • Cunning Stunts.
  • Sporting Abeergut.
  • The Notso Athletic.
  • Balls Out.
  • The Dug Outs.
  • Knobs and Knockers.
  • Hinnies and Gadgies
  • Inter Ya’Mam.
  • Columbian B Movie Pun Stars.
  • Slightly Athletic.
  • Pun Addicts.

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Good Names For Your Hockey Team.

A good team name has a lot of story to tell about your team. Thus, if you are able to rock the perfect team name, then you don’t need to do much explanation, as your team name has already given it away.

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to watch a game to determine what a team is capable of doing. Just seeing the name will give you an insight on what to expect from such a team. Fortunately enough for you, you don’t need to go too far to search for a good hockey team name, and this is because we’ve provided you with a trailer load of good hockey team names for free. They are free, and can be freely used by any hockey team.

  • The Twig Light.
  • Puck Battle.
  • Big Sticks.
  • House Guards.
  • Hoser Or The Hose-head.
  • The Guts Of The Land.
  • Guts of the Ice.
  • Heirs To The Barn.
  • Biscuit Eaters.
  • Masters Of Re-Cycling.
  • Cherry Eaters.
  • Checking My Back.
  • Raised Bars.
  • Kings Of The Barn.
  • Most Wanted Beauty.
  • A League Of Beautician.
  • Addicted Angle Benders.
  • Can You Give Me Some Biscuit?
  • Celly After Celly.
  • Beauty & A Stick.
  • Champions Of The Rink.
  • No Changing On The Flight.
  • Cherry Pickers.
  • The Chimp Punks.
  • The Chirpers.
  • Always In The Slot.
  • Over Deking Is Allowed.
  • Puck Control.
  • Face Off.
  • Into The Attack Zone.
  • Barn Kings.
  • Goals From Your Five Holes.
  • Puck Retrievers.
  • 100% Puck Possession.
  • The Misunderstood.
  • Puck Battle.
  • Grocery Sick.
  • Into The Dots Lane.
  • Wear Your Nose Marks.
  • All Hat Trick.
  • House Protection.
  • Inside House Attack.
  • Rush Hour.
  • The Odd Men.
  • Net Rippers.
  • Let The Plumbers Fix It.
  • Clean Saucer Passes.
  • Too Much Sauce.
  • Salad Sauce.
  • Cakes With Icing.

Dirty Hockey Team Names.

If you and your hockey team feels like rocking a dirty team name, then you’ve just landed on the right place. This section provides you with lots of extremely dirty team names for your hockey team.

  • Not My Pucking Business.
  • Puck All Of You.
  • Suck My Sticks.
  • Come Puck My Stick.
  • Dirty Mother Puckers.
  • Puck You Too.
  • Hard Puck.
  • Sticky Digs.
  • The Crew With The Big Mitts.
  • She Is A Cheap Slot.
  • Sticking My Digs In You.
  • We’re Here To Sieve You.
  • Frozen Chicken.
  • Broken Noses.
  • First Time Sets.
  • Bruisin’ Blizzards.
  • Chicken Goaltenders.
  • Icees are Delicious.
  • Slurpee Suckers.
  • Pucking Delicious.
  • Honey Snowbunny Brawlers.
  • Stick Suckers.
  • Icerink Rascals.
  • Stuttering Stanley Cup.
  • She Sucks My Stick.
  • Coldblooded Canucks.
  • Moose Knuckles.
  • Mountain Dewers.
  • Tavares Troublemakers.
  • The Big Zamboni.
  • Cutting the Ice.
  • The Defrosters.
  • The Seattle Shiverers.
  • Nosebleed Narwhals.
  • Velvet Sausage Holders.
  • The Big Test Icicles.
  • Multiple Scoregasms.
  • Always on Top.
  • Injury lawyers fork queue.
  • Chicks Like Sticks.
  • Stickhandlers.
  • You Can’t Handle My Dig.
  • Gloves Comin’ Off.
  • Puck Me Till I Climax.
  • The Mighty Ducks.
  • Pine Riders.
  • Chick Loves Riding My Stick.
  • Penalty Box Prisoners.
  • The Cherry Pickers.
  • F.L.A.P.S (Federation of Ladies Amateur and Professional Suckers).

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Field Hockey Team Names.

  • Field Fatales.
  • Midfield Mavens.
  • Albino Rhino’s.
  • We’ve Go No Regretzkies.
  • Easton Fection.
  • Red Wings.
  • We Love To Puck.
  •  No Dekes.
  • Pimp My Zamboni.
  • Rubber Puckies.
  • Skateful Dead.
  • Puckin’ Idiots.
  • This Is So On Beerable.
  • Goal Mongers.
  • She Pucks Alot.
  • Goaldiggers.
  • Moose Knuckles.
  • Tigoldbiddies.
  • Blackouts.
  • Blackhawks.
  • Lords Of Hat-Trick.
  • Upskirt & Let Me Puck.
  • Dirks Digglers.
  • Beer Naked Ladies.
  • Blades of Steel.
  • Maidens of Mayhem.
  • Sporting Woodies.
  • The Fighting Amish.
  • The Cajun Hot Sticks.
  • Huggy Games.

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Christmas Hockey Team Names.

Christmas is a season of love. It’s a period lots of people spend time with their family and friends. During this period, they engage in various games and other recreational activities. If hockey happens to be one of the games you would love to engage in with your family or friends this Xmass, now is the time to find that killer Christmass hockey team name.

  • Santa Pucks.
  • Mid Ice Crisis.
  • Jingle Blade 2020.
  • Dark Ice.
  • Holidaze Team.
  • Snow Flakes.
  • Hockey Jamboree.
  • Arctic Foxes.
  • Leopards Of The Snow.
  • Ice Possums.
  • Iceoholics.
  • Islanders.
  • 1st Annual Snow Ball.
  • Snow Owls.
  • Ice Angels.
  • Blitzen’s Ball.
  • Silent Knight.
  • Cocktails and Candy Goals.
  • Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown.
  • House Hockey Party.

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Real Team Names.

If you want to get acquainted with some of the real hockey team names or maybe you want to use them as inspiration to form yours, then below is a number of them.

  • Toronto Maple leafs.
  • Winnipeg Jets.
  • Ottawa Senators.
  • Vegas Golden Knight.
  • Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Neshville Predatos.
  • Montreal Canadiens.
  • Vancouver Canucks.
  • Pitsburgh Penguins.
  • Edmonton Oilers.
  • Calgary Flames.
  • Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Tempabay Lightings.
  • Arizona Coyotes.
  • Newyork Rangers.
  • Colorado Avalanche.
  • Newjersey Devils.
  • Boston Bruins.
  • Detroit Red Wings.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Fantasy Hockey Team Names For Girls & Boys.

Unlike the real names stated above, below y0u will find a number of unique fantasy hockey team names that you can use for your fantasy games. You can also use them as an idea to form your own name for your team.

  • Best Fantasy Hockey Team.
  • Pissed Off Polar Bears.
  • Frosty & Friends.
  • Ladies Skirts Don’t Lie.
  • SheDevils.
  • Maidens of Mayhem.
  • Field Fatales.
  • Fancy Ice.
  • The ScaryGoons.
  • Mighty Players.
  • Charmy Challengers.
  • Cubic Comets.
  • Hockey Swords.
  • Miss Masters.
  • JungleLeafs.
  • WhiteJets.
  • Dungy Ducks.
  • WeldoGuys.
  • Red Scorpions.
  • Ice FOrcers.
  • The Dominators.
  • FabuSkaters.
  • Shot letters.
  • Magnetic Buddies.
  • Blazing Blades.
  • Mad Heeters.
  • Mad Metroniss.
  • Olympic Oshie.
  • Curved Stick.
  • Smashville.
  • Wanna Puck?
  • The Mighty Pucks.
  • Puck Norris.
  • Goon Squad.
  • Big Daddy Kane.
  • Blades of Glory.
  • Quack is Wack.
  • Queens of the Ice Age
  • The Bodacious Blue Line.

Video Credit: HockeyAustralia – Hockey Highlights.

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