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Good Netball Team Names For Girls & Boys Team

Do you want a good netball team names or maybe a rude netball team name that will scare the hell out of your opponents? Don’t worry we have lots of amazing team name suggests specially crafted bearing your team in mind.

Summary About Netball.

Netball happens to be one of the best women sports in countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, England, and Jamaica. It was invented by James Naismith after he first created men’s basketball in the year 1890. He was therefore asked to create the women version of the game which resulted in the creation of Netball.

With time, netball began to gain popularity and spread like wildfire through the activities of the English teachers in schools that educate others about the sports around the world. Below you will find some of the terminologies used in the netball.

Some Terms Used In Netball?

Offside: when any player makes an external contact with any place that is not part of her playing area.

Pivot: This is when the foot used in landing stays grounded while the player immediately turns and throw in a different direction.

Out Of Court: This happens when the ball makes contact with the ground or any person or object outside the court.

Sidelines: These are lines that are found down the side of the court which constitute boundaries of play.

Simultaneous Contact: This is when the umpire is unable to draw a one-sided conclusion usually when two players from opposite sides bump into each other at the same time.

Shooting Circle: It is the circle where all shooters must land in before attempting to score a goal.

Substitution: This is the replacement of one player by another player of the same team.

Transverse Lines: Those lines on the court that separate them into thirds.

Warm Up: These are exercises used for getting your body prepared for more extreme activities to come.

Warm Down: These are exercises that help your body come back to its normal state. It’s the opposite of warm-up.

0.9m or 3ft: This is how far apart must players stand when defending.

Good Netball Team Names List.

netball team names
Credit: Englandnetball – England Netball strikes new partnership with Elastoplast.
  1. Good Girls Turn Bahd.
  2. Netball Queens.
  3. Net Seekers.
  4. Ball Crushers.
  5. The Simultaneous Ladies Team.
  6. Name Your Price.
  7. The Clueless Crew.
  8. Assassin Creed.
  9. Hot Perils.
  10. Super Falcons.
  11. The Taskforce
  12. Game Over Men.
  13. Wolverines.
  14. The Red Devils.
  15. Silver Eagles.
  16. The Deaconess.
  17. Brains Of A Monkey.
  18. Alley Forces.
  19. Dark Lightning.
  20. Hot Shots Only.
  21. Empire Of Empresses.
  22. The Crappucinos.
  23. Galant Soldiers.
  24. Wizards Of OZ.
  25. Court Crackers.
  26. Diamond Girls.
  27. Crimson Hawks.
  28. The Pace Makers.
  29. Golden Girls.
  30. Black Mambas.
  31. The Crusaders.
  32. Bromance Central.
  33. Diamond Grizzlies.
  34. Gold Nation.
  35. No Dribbles, Just Goals.
  36. Joint Forces.
  37. Rowdy Roosters.
  38. Skills Reloaded.
  39. Cherry Bombs.
  40. Chaffing A Dream.
  41. Goal Getters.
  42. Men On Duty.
  43. The Brovaries.
  44. Blue Rebels.
  45. Call Of Duty.
  46. The Pepes.
  47. Bald Eagles.
  48. Power Rangers.
  49. Handymen.
  50. Nothing But Net.
  51. Net Bursters.

Scandalous Netball Team Names.

  1. Daughters Of Eve.
  2. Weapon Of Man’s Destruction.
  3. Your Predators.
  4. Glorious Batters.
  5. The Jetsetters.
  6. Outrageous Rampage.
  7. Goal Exchangers.
  8. Black Coffees.
  9. Lemon Shots.
  10. Flighting Cardinals.
  11. The Penguin Parade.
  12. Black Opals.
  13. Tyrannoballus Rex.
  14. The Candy Chicks.
  15. Black Hawks.
  16. Free Birds.
  17. Purple Kittens.
  18. Rolling Stones.
  19. Fallen Angels.
  20. Dragon Flies.
  21. The Pandas Team.
  22. Sloth Team.
  23. The Bowling Stones.
  24. Fast & Furious.
  25. Dear Devils.
  26. Mockingjays.
  27. Lionesses.
  28. Sons Of Pitches.
  29. Monsters Inside.
  30. Goal Machines.
  31. The Musketeers.
  32. Flighting Koalas.
  33. Shornets Bees.
  34. Ball Huggers.
  35. Bearcats.
  36. The Dolphins.
  37. Sons Of Rebellion.
  38. The loosed screws.
  39. Huge Balls Only!
  40. Mermaids Of The Amazon.
  41. All Tomboys Team.
  42. Golden Flashes.
  43. Dark Knights.
  44. The Unibrows.
  45. Wonderfull Balls.
  46. Venomous Vixens.
  47. Bursty Ladies.
  48. Hit & Run.
  49. Red Dragons.
  50. Leopard Skins.
  51. All-Stars.

Rude Netball Team Names.

  1. Rude Boys Association.
  2. Netball Queens.
  3. Skills Overload.
  4. Goal Mongers.
  5. Ur Mum’s Lovers.
  6. Association Of Mid Age Team.
  7. Beauty And A Hit.
  8. The Netflix.
  9. Net Monsters.
  10. The Dribblers Crew.
  11. Able Defenders.
  12. The Crushers.
  13. Dark Flies.
  14. Those Guys.
  15. Boys Before Flower.
  16. The Jaguars.
  17. Venomous Vixens.
  18. The Quagmires.
  19. The Bromania.
  20. Golden Bears.
  21. Titanic Struggle.
  22. Court Monsters.
  23. Rocket Men.
  24. Tarzan Boys.
  25. Rowdy Rockets.
  26. Bulldogs.
  27. The Amigos.
  28. Out Of Control.
  29. The Knackerbags.
  30. Borks and Nads.
  31. The Dynamite.
  32. Vulcans.
  33. The Proteas.
  34. Dazzling Daisies.
  35. Anteaters.
  36. The Avengers.
  37. Ajebo Hustlers.
  38. Tough Riders.
  39. Always On Time.
  40. Trojan Soldiers.
  41. The Dragonites.
  42. Flaming Flames.
  43. The Turdinators.

Funny/Witty Netball Team Names.

  1. Here for the Exercise.
  2. Goats in a Boat.
  3. Gone With the Win.
  4. Chafing the Dream.
  5. Don’t Stop Ballieving.
  6. Sons of Pitches.
  7. Running on Empty.
  8. Big Balls Only!
  9. Between a Walk and Hard Place.
  10. The Untouchaballs.
  11. Agony of De Feet.
  12. Ball of Duty.
  13. Winners Not Boozers.
  14. Twisted Blisters.
  15. Block It Like It’s Hot.
  16. She Got the Runs.
  17. Fast, Not Furious.
  18. Single Belles.
  19. Identity Theft Is No Joke.
  20. The Beastie Balls.
  21. Fat Fellows.
  22. No Touching!
  23. Simbian Legs.
  24. The Luna Chicks.
  25. Knockout Kings.
  26. We’re Available.
  27. Cleaver Lava Girls.
  28. Jesters.
  29. The Fitted Ones.
  30. First at Thirds.
  31. The Knackerbags.
  32. Hippie Chicks.
  33. Runs Girls.
  34. Your Doomsday Divas.
  35. The Rowdy Roosters.
  36. Balls up.
  37. Norfolk N’ Chance.
  38. Yellow Submarines.
  39. Pink Ladies.
  40. The loose screws.
  41. The Flaming Pink Flamingos.
  42. One Hit Wonders.
  43. Always on Top.
  44. The Illusions.
  45. Slick Chicks.
  46. Party Chicks.
  47. Party After Party.
  48. The swallowing Swallows.
  49. Always On The Run.
  50. Cunning Stunts.
  51. Big Balls Don’t Cry.

Mixed Netball Team Names.

  1. Fittest Team.
  2. Iconic Men’s Club.
  3. Fly Girls Association.
  4. Buzzing Boys.
  5. Lords Of The Ring.
  6. Insoluble Fraction.
  7. Brokebat Mountain.
  8. Lovely Blossoms.
  9. Artichokes.
  10. Golden Knights.
  11. The Spiders.
  12. Girls Of Glory.
  13. Calypso Babes.
  14. Mountain Movers.
  15. Fusion Team.
  16. The Crappucinos.
  17. Chasing Rainbows.
  18. Stomp The Yard.
  19. One Hit Wonders.
  20. Venomous Vixens.
  21. Ivry Guest House.
  22. Net Raiders.
  23. Team Razmataz.
  24. Court Crawlers.
  25. S*M*A*S*H
  26. Rowdy Rockets.
  27. Team Titans.
  28. The Rock Stars.
  29. Kaos Team.
  30. The Jet Age.
  31. Pocus Hocus.
  32. The Goaly Gang.
  33. Nads and Borks.
  34. Court Resistance.
  35. The Appeal Court.
  36. Above The Law.
  37. No Substitutions.

Unique Team Names.

  1. The Pivoted Amazing Ones.
  2. Outside Of Court Settlement.
  3. The Court Orders.
  4. Starz & Stripes.
  5. Outlanders.
  6. Net Reapers.
  7. Jalapeno Divas.
  8. Fire Breathing Cats.
  9. Shooting Stars.
  10. All-Stars.
  11. The American Dream.
  12. Fire Balls.
  13. Cherry Bombs.
  14. Flying Dart.
  15. The Flying Ballers.
  16. In The Line Of Defence.
  17. Court Outrage.
  18. Dangerous Divas.
  19. Fast Five.
  20. Five & A Half Men.
  21. Games Of Throw.
  22. A-League Of Our Own.
  23. Goal Diggers.
  24. Put A Goal Ring On It.
  25. Diverse Roles.
  26. The Most Wanted.
  27. Victorious Secretes.
  28. The Pacers.
  29. Our Net Worth.
  30. Balls To The Wall.
  31. The Antagonists.
  32. Smoking Aces.
  33. Super Toppers.
  34. The Pitch Slap.
  35. Pitches Over Laid.
  36. Sweaty Betties.
  37. Wonder Shot.
  38. Tyrannoballus Rex.
  39. The Mighty Morphins.
  40. Hot Shots.
  41. The Bone Crushin Ballerinas.
  42. Eye Candy Diva.
  43. Fighting Queens.
  44. Sunshine Stars.
  45. The Shining Divas.
  46. The Victorious Secret.
  47. Game, Set and Snatch.
  48. Viciously Delicious.
  49. The Y-Nots!
  50. Bearded Clans.

National Netball Team Nicknames.

There lots of real netball teams in different countries that are well known via other nicknames apart from their official names.

While most of the teams have more than one nickname, below are the few we have been able to put together. If you have anything to add or any correction to make, don’t forget to use the comment section for that purpose.

  • The Diamonds – Nick Name From A Real Team From Australia.
  • The Sunshine Girls – Nick Name From A Real Team From Jamaica.
  • The Silver Ferns – Nick Name From A Real Team From New Zealand.
  • The Roses – Nick Name From A Real Team From England.
  • The Queens – Nick Name From A Real Team From Malawi.
  • The Gems – Nick Name From A Real Team From Zimbabwe.
  • The She-Cranes – Nick Name From A Real Team From Uganda.
  • The Pepes – Nick Name From A Real Team From Papua New Guinea.
  • The Calypso Girls – Nick Name From A Real Team From Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The Proteas – Nick Name From A Real Team From South Africa.
  • The Thistles – Nick Name From A Real Team From Scotland.


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