Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names

Fantasy Golf Team Names (500+ Funny, Clever, etc)

Fantasy Golf Team Names happens to be our latest collection of funny, creative, dirty & rude golf team names for your 2018, 2019, 2020 fantasy golf games (Tournaments).

So, have you been finding it difficult to create your own fantastic fantasy golf team names? If yes is the answer, then worry no more. As a matter of fact, that is the reason for creating this page.

We will be providing you with a mixture of over five hundred (500+) unique golf team names for your fantasy tournaments.

Before creating a good team name, there are lots of things that should be considered. First of all, you have to know the reason for creating the team. Are you creating it for a local club tournament, company tournament or a Fantasy Golf tournament?

You also have to consider the league you are playing for, as well as other things that should carefully thought about. In most cases when creating the names for your golf team, you are required to think outside the box, be clever, creative, witty, and love the whole process.

The stress involved in the creation of any good team name is the reason most people decide to use a name generator. But they will never be as soothing and unique as creating one by yourself.

To cut the long story short, we have been able to do 99% of all the hard tasks for you. The only 1% required for you to do is to pick your desired name and start using it immediately.

Unique Fantasy Golf Team Names List

Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names
Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names

Sometimes it completely doesn’t matter whether you are participating in a fantasy golf tournaments (games) or a real one, the fact is that you need a good name for both.

A winning team deserves a winning name and that’s the reason we have featured Good, Cool, Creative, Rude, Dirty & Funny Golf Team Names all for your team.

Just pick any of the winning names that we have provided for your team or simply learn how to create your own using our guide below.

Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names.

Do you want to crack the ribs of your spectators? If yes is your answer, then you have to choose a funny name that your fans will find hilarious.

One of the advantages of using a funny team name is that it makes your team unique (Outstanding) while putting a smile on your fans. If creating one is difficult for you and your team, then use the Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names idea below.

  • Funny Honey Dudes.
  • Strokes Of Luck.
  • I Like Big Putts And I Cannot Lie.
  • Our Goal Is Your Hole.
  • The Virgin Mums.
  • Weapons of Grass Destruction.
  • Two Balls And A Hole.
  • House of Holey-Gangz.
  • Just Fore Players.
  • The Swinging Birds.
  • The Balls Went In So Deep.
  • Hole Busters.
  • The Cinderella Boyz.
  • The Tigers Hood.
  • Stair Ways To Heaven.
  • It Was Sweet In The Middle.
  • Angry Birdies.
  • Don’t Rory Be Happy.
  • Swim Or Cink.
  • Droppin’ A Deuce.
  • Short Putters.
  • Long Putters.
  • Hot Shots.
  • It Was A Multiple Fore-gasms.
  • Party of Fore.
  • I Love Puff Caddie.
  • Who’s Your Carddy?
  • Good Strokes.
  • The Happy Hookers.
  • Putter’s Pirates.
  • Balling Since Day One.
  • Greasy Holes.
  • Hole Seekers.
  • Per-Tee After Per-Tee.
  • Straight Way To The Hole.
  • The Fore-Fathers.
  • Chicks n Sticks.
  • Flaming Balls.
  • Thunder balls.
  • The Screw Balls.
  • 4ever With The Balls.
  • Big Balls Don’t Cry.
  • Couples Therapy.
  • Strokes Of Bad Luck.
  • The Hackers And Packers.
  • Strokes of the gods.
  • Grip it n’ Hit It.
  • Magic Strokes.
  • Dirty Birdies.
  • The Wonder Whackers.
  • Legends Of Great Strokes.
  • Has Anyone Seen My Balls?
  • Cum Back Shots.
  • Get the Weeds Out of My Way.
  • Iron Ballz.
  • We’re The Holey Ones.
  • Heaven’s Stroke.
  • Sons Of A Pitch.
  • The Swinging Brothers.
  • The Outlanders.
  • Holey Shots.
  • Barack O Ballerz.
  • The Fore Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.
  • Fly Balls.
  • Papa Don’t Pitch.
  • Mama’s New Tee-Box.
  • Life Of The Par-Tee.
  • Tiger Would Give Me His Balls.
  • Bush Wackers.
  • Touched Down For A Putt.
  • Hook Shots Handymen.
  • The Green Weavers.
  • Fresh Shots.
  • It Was Close Enough.
  • The Receptive Holes.
  • Sord Sailors.
  • Smashing Sluts, Slamming Putts.
  • Hole Suckers.
  • Bros Before Holes.
  • Furious Balls.
  • Balled Half Way.
  • The Happy Gilmores.
  • Angry Boyz.
  • Balling In Da Club.
  • Pirates Of The Putt.
  • Putt Buddies.
  • Dual Penetration.
  • Hole Fillers.
  • Stuffin My Balls In.
  • All About That Stroke.
  • Strokeologists.
  • Lord Of The Strokes.
  • So Many Strokes In A Single Hole.
  • Strokin’ My Balls.
  • Having A Stroke.
  • The Swinging 50s.
  • The Swinging Balls.
  • Miracle Whackers.
  • Too Many Stroking.
  • The Bigger Sticks.
  • Tight Pants With Sandy Balls.


Good Fantasy Golf Team Names.

Good Fantasy Golf Team Names
Grayson County High School –
  • Fantasy of the Greens.
  • If Golf Is A Crime.
  • Two Butts Don’t Make A Right.
  • The Fantastic Four.
  • That Tiger’s Wood.
  • Explosive Balls.
  • Holes Movements.
  • Anonymous Old White Guyz.
  • Old Hackers.
  • 50 Shades Of Good Strokes.
  • Three Putts Aren’t Gonna Be Enough.
  • The Lawn Mowers.
  • Throwing Balls In A Hole.
  • Multiple Par-gasms.
  • De Best Cos We’re Doctors.
  • We Skipped Classes For This?
  • Dual Bogey.
  • Numerious Bogeys.
  • Ball Flickers.
  • Old And Busted.
  • Big Balls, Small Holes.
  • Sub Par Holes.
  • Round White Balls.
  • Sandy Play.
  • Ball Attackers.
  • The Sandy Traps.
  • Sandcastle Engineers.
  • Sandy Storm Makers.
  • Two Balls, One Hole.
  • Dual Drives, One Putt.
  • Rough Riders.
  • Wealthy Enough To Play Golf.
  • Big Putts Drive Me Nuts.
  • The Underachievers.
  • Hazardous Balls.
  • Wet Holes.
  • The Wrecking Balls.
  • Where’s Faldo.
  • Where’s Pablo?
  • No Shame.
  • Fast Swingers.
  • The Hounds of Stablefod.
  • Different Strokes For Different Folks.
  • Who My Your Caddy.
  • Victorious Swings.
  • The Shooting Starz.
  • Dynamic Balls.
  • Golden Ballz.
  • I Love Your Putt.
  • The Winning Ways.
  • Boys 2 Men.
  • The Hazardous Hazards.
  • My Putts Don’t Lie.
  • The Rolling Balls.
  • Rolling Into The Deep.
  • Perfect Rollers.
  • The Swinging Holics.
  • A Swing In Time Saves Nine.
  • Victorious Swingings.
  • Keep Calm and Putt On.
  • A Single Club Is All It Takes.
  • Hit N’ Run.
  • 99 Problems But A Putt Ain’t One.
  • Swinging Wizards.
  • The Deuce of Hazards.
  • Smokin’ Tees.
  • King Pins.
  • The Chosen Balls.
  • Dripping Deep.
  • Express Putts.
  • Perfect Scores.
  • The Perfectionists.
  • Scoring On Eagles Wings.
  • Hole Aimers.
  • Mulliganoids.
  • Rolling In The Woods.
  • Hicks with Sticks.
  • Par-Tee On.
  • The ParFect One.
  • Green Raiders.
  • The Men-in-tee.
  • Sweet Pin.
  • Smooth Putt.
  • Laid In The Deeps.
  • Swinging Through The Trees.
  • Four Some Time.
  • Flaming Strokes.
  • Strokeologists.
  • King Of Strokes.
  • Not Chicks N’ Sticks.
  • Good Strokes Only.
  • Iron Club Men.
  • Bro Where’s My Par?
  • Town Sent.
  • Just Accurate Shots.
  • Dirty Janzen.
  • Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.
  • Greener Days.
  • Life Of A Par-Tee.
  • Hook and Skulls.

Cool Golf Team Names For Ladies.

Golf Team Names For Ladies
Grass Lake Community Schools —
  • The Fallopian Swing Team.
  • Ladies With A Great Stroke.
  • The Girls With No Teets.
  • The Clubbing Women.
  • The Swinging Queen.
  • Little Birdies.
  • The Thunder Chickens.
  • Pitches Ain’t Hit.
  • Hart Attack.
  • Trophy Ladies.
  • Sinking Sands.
  • Golf Is My Only Breast Friend.
  • Game Of Holes.
  • The Hole Models.
  • Don’t Tell Us How To Swing.
  • Wonders Girls.
  • Ladies Day Out.
  • Less Strokes Required.
  • Touch Down For A Par.
  • The Drunken Swingers.
  • Holes N’ Fun.
  • Porking Holes.
  • Modeling Holes.
  • Fringe Players.
  • Screwing Balls.
  • Smashing Balls.
  • Merry Hookers.
  • The Redemption Ministries.
  • Grip N’ Sip.
  • Fore Per-Tee.
  • Breaking Bahd.
  • Few Holes, Multiple Strokes.
  • The Yips Wagglers.
  • Stroking Is A Habit.
  • The Islanders.
  • Where Birdies Land.
  • Ducking Since Day One.
  • The Putter Nutters.
  • The Putting Putters.
  • Putt On Your Gloves.
  • Not Feeling Fine; I’ve Been Golfing Since.
  • Cute Dimples.
  • Cypress Point.
  • Team On Point.
  • Balls In A Hole.
  • The Wet Wedgers Crew.
  • Dice N’ Slice.
  • The Three-Some Golfers.
  • The Dunkers.
  • Drop Dunk.
  • Foreplaying.
  • Choke And Stroke.
  • Straight To The Lumberyard.
  • Leaping Frogs.
  • We’re Slicers And Not Hookers.
  • Tee Or Coffee?
  • The Shanggy Swingers.
  • Killer Strokes.
  • Single Shot, Multiple Dunks.
  • Flying Dragons.
  • Up in the Sky We Go Down in the hole We Stay.
  • Marvelous Shots.
  • Honor The Holes.
  • Hole-Shooters.
  • One Shot, One Dunk.
  • Ghost Riders.
  • Great Rangers.
  • Undisputed Champions.
  • Only One Shot To Blow.
  • We Don’t Say Never.
  • Straight Trail.
  • Final Stroke.
  • Smoking Golf.
  • Back 2 Senders.
  • Chosen by Goosen.
  • Dunking Masters.
  • The Hole-In Gang.
  • Rising Starz.
  • Tee Totalers.
  • Eagles Club.
  • Scaling Through.
  • The Insiders.
  • Mulliganoids.
  • The Most Holey Ones.
  • Morning Stars.
  • The Golfers Inc.
  • Wi Tu Nobilo.
  • Cleek a Tee.
  • The Strokers.
  • Strokers Are Liable To Die Young.
  • Chain Strokers.
  • Aces Ventura.
  • Back to the Kuchar.
  • Raven Birds.
  • Fore Jack Reachers.
  • The Sultan of Swings.
  • The Bogeymenia.
  • Hoof Hearted.
  • The Hand De Caps.
  • Stroking Tees.
  • Tee Party.

Rude Golf Team Names.

Rude Golf Team Names
Rude Golf Team Names
  • The Rude Boyz Putts.
  • Ducks N’ Putts.
  • Sweet Putts.
  • Sand Witch.
  • Against All Grains.
  • Lips in Play.
  • Team Putt Putt.
  • Dunking Authority.
  • Temple Of The Holy Green.
  • Shot Putz. Long Putters.
  • Journey To The Deep Dunk.
  • Dustin My Johnson.
  • Muffled.
  • Going Pro.
  • Bubber’s Hovercraft.
  • The Layin’ 4.
  • Friends N’ Collages.
  • The Greater Putters.
  • The Balls-terious.
  • The Under Par.
  • Wielding Clubs.
  • The Swingers Zone.
  • Rough Boys.
  • Choi’s Boyz.
  • Sanks For The Memories.
  • One Too Many Holes.
  • Not Allowed At Masters.
  • Club ‘Where’s the beer girl?’
  • Furious Balls.
  • Orange Balls.
  • The Cinderella Story.
  • The Sons of Pitches.
  • Ace Venturers.
  • Packers & Hackers.
  • The Pin Seekers.
  • Straight Balls Movement.
  • The Burly Birdies.
  • The Water Wizards.
  • Tiger’s Wood.
  • The Mulliganonies.
  • Pappy’s Puttaz.
  • The Four Divots.
  • Hanging The Liars.
  • Brutal Putts.
  • Ball Whackers.
  • Misfeets Of Fairway.
  • Tee Drivers.
  • Flag-Petulance.
  • The Pollinators.
  • The Whippy Links.
  • The Fringing Crew.
  • The Handi Caps.
  • Team Foot Wedge.
  • Designated Putters.
  • The Mull-It-Overs.
  • Total Tee.
  • Birdie Babes.
  • The Macro Tigers.
  • Sound Of Time.
  • The Great Sand Traps.
  • Bunch Oh Hacks.
  • The Balls Slayers.
  • The Woodsmen.
  • Groping Sanders.
  • The One Hoppers.
  • Putt Sinkers.
  • Drop Dunk.
  • Dice N’ Slice.
  • The Gold Diggers.
  • Pinning Lords.
  • The Happy Hookers.
  • Sandy Sailors.
  • My Divot-ion.
  • The Men-In-Tee.
  • The KnickerKnacks.
  • A Cup Of Tee.
  • The Sinking Putts.
  • Teetotalers.
  • The Sandy Savers.
  • The Golf War Lords.
  • Wet Holes.
  • The Has-Beens.
  • The Green Gangs.
  • Golf Cowboys.
  • The Sand Trappers.
  • The Smoking Tees.
  • Dirty Birdie.
  • Club Hoppers.
  • Dice & Slice.
  • The Cupa-Hoes.
  • High Putters.
  • The Mulliganoids.
  • The Ex-Men.
  • The Putting Pirates.
  • Steel Spikers.
  • The Old Strokers.
  • A Stroke Of Golden Luck.
  • The Wannabes Champions.
  • White Tees in White Shirts.

Dirty Golf Team Names.

Dirty Golf Team Names
Dirty Golf Team Names
  1. Dirty Sand Putters.
  2. The Lost Balls.
  3. Straying Balls.
  4. Dirty Birdie.
  5. The Dunking Kings.
  6. Banging In A Hole.
  7. Wet Balls.
  8. Hole Bunkers.
  9. Jonas Blixt Bros.
  10. Tiger’s Woodsmen.
  11. Three Mendous Team.
  12. The Lost Balls.
  13. The Brick Heads.
  14. Team Par Trick.
  15. Head… Eye On My Balls.
  16. Hairy Balls.
  17. Par-Tee Ladies.
  18. Destiny Girls.
  19. Balls & Tee.
  20. The Mull-It-Agains.
  21. Fore-Brothers.
  22. The Fore-Sisters.
  23. Easy Strokers.
  24. Driving Tees.
  25. The Reapers Club.
  26. Designated Strikers.
  27. The Strike Chiefs.
  28. Grass Masters.
  29. The Hookers Hour.
  30. The Happy Hookers.
  31. A Cup Of Tee & Bread.
  32. Ballistic Missers.
  33. Rough Balls.
  34. Striking Balls.
  35. Wonderful Whackers.
  36. Team Waterfalls.
  37. It Was Rough on Me.
  38. Skullers And Hookers.
  39. The Rainbow Warriors.
  40. Par-Tee Ladies.
  41. Par-Tee Like It’s Friday.
  43. Shankendrinkerz.
  44. Stiff Knockerz.
  45. Ball Washers.
  46. The Mexicanity.
  47. The Putt It Deep.
  48. Not Even A Spingle Spike.
  49. The Hoping Clubs.
  50. Dice & Slice.
  51. The Cupa-Hoes.
  52. Hooker’s Hour.
  53. The High-Ballerz.
  54. Smokin Tee.
  55. Rainbow Gang.
  56. The King Pins.
  57. Sinking Villa.
  58. The Boys-in-tee.
  59. Tee-rific Club.
  60. Fore-Tee & Above.
  61. Rejoicing Coming With The Swing.
  62. gods Of Luck.
  63. Fortunate Strikers.
  64. Night Club.
  65. Greener Weeds, Smoking Tee.
  66. The Fallopian Club.
  67. I’m A Big Chancre.
  68. Sipping Tee.
  69. The Back Nines.
  70. The Drunken Wankers.
  71. Power Puff Girls.
  72. The Shanksville Duffs.
  73. Swinging Fallopian Team.
  74. Jonas Blixt Brothers.
  75. The Executive Course Rejects.
  76. Dripping Through.
  77. We’re The Snowmen.
  78. Team Strike-Putt.
  79. Puff Caddie.
  80. Rented Clubs.
  81. Par-tee On.
  82. In The Club With My Breast Friend.
  83. Tee-Rex.
  84. The Show Masters.
  85. Don’t Angry Me.
  86. The Water Wizards.
  87. Ride Upon It.
  88. Flying Balls.
  89. Maggic Clubs.
  90. The Couples Therapy.
  91. Losers Will Cry.
  92. MenOnDuty.
  93. Volcanic Balls.
  94. Royal Highness.
  95. The Beach Boyz.
  96. Coming Home.
  97. A Shingo Ate My Baby.
  98. Dunking Love.
  99. Skulls N’ Hooks.
  100. Smokin Aces.
  101. The Hounds Of Stableford.
  102. Fine Girls Club.

Best Fantasy Golf Team Names Idea.

Are you not completely satisfied with the list of names we have provided above for you and your team? Or maybe you want to try something different and more unique?

If yes is the answer to the above questions, then it is time to put your intelligence to work. Before showing you the step on how to create your own unique name, we want to let you know that we value your presence on our blog. We are also putting in all our efforts to ensure that you finally leave our blog smiling.

On our blog, we don’t charge you for using any of the names you find. There are two basic things you can do on our blog; use our self-generated team names or create your own unique name using our guide below.

NOTE: You really don’t need to be a genius or a team leader to be able to create a name for your team. You can simply combine two names and come up with something delicious. Or maybe you can just decide to use the process provided below.

Who And Who Makes Up Your Team

The first question you should ask while trying to come with a good name for your golf team (Fantasy or Real), “Who Are My Team Made Up Of”?.

To get the answer to the above question, this requires that you have to have a fair enough knowledge about your team members.

You have to know where they are from, their hubby, their likes and dislikes, and other vital information. You also have to know the basic aim of the team.

For instance, after carrying out your research, and you come to understand that your team is made up of funny people, thus, it behooves you to create a funny team name.

Keep It Clean

After figuring out the concept of the team name you want to go with, ensure that you properly checkmate the name. Most importantly ensure that the name does not contain any vulgar words that could be infringing on someone’s joy or right.

Ensure that you use names that doesn’t insult other people neither does it sound like a racist word. Falling into such traps could be the beginning of the end of your team’s vision (Career).

My best advice to you is to ensure that you feature a name that is both simple and clean. Why we added using a clean name is to ensure that your fans quickly become familiar with your name.

A long and sophisticated name will only end up making your team lose fans. Thus, we urge you to always keep it simple. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What Is Your Team’s Opinion?

It is only normal for you to take the name back to your team (For those who created the names alone). There’s a popular saying that goes like this: “It’s easier for the community to feed one person, but it’s difficult for one person to feed the community.”

What that saying implies in this context is that, it may be difficult for you to properly represent the minds of all your team members. Thus, it’s necessary that you seek the opinion of your team by taking it back to the house (Your Team).

Definitely, not every member of the team will agree with the name, but always ensure that a good number of the team agrees with it.

If you are able to win the heart of a good number of your teammates, then you are good to go with the name. After all, a majority carries the vote. We wish you the best of luck in your name creation process.

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