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Best Basketball Team Names For Kids, Girls & Boys

The best Basketball team names should have the ability to instill fear into its opponent’s mind. We have provided over eight hundred (800+) good names for your basketball team.

What Is A Good Team Name For Basketball?

Are you searching for the best team names for your basketball team? We have a lot of them that you can access for free.

One of the characteristics of a good basketball team name is to properly define a team and make your opponent’s tremble in most cases.

The advantages of using a good team name can not be overemphasized. Nevertheless, creating the best Basketball Team Names can sometimes be a very sharp pain in the ass.

But, don’t be troubled, as we’ve been able to provide you with some of the best basketball team names ideas. This will help you cut out all the troubles of creating a good basketball team name from scratch.

Our team has provided over eight hundred unique basketball names for your team. You will definitely find your desired team name.

List Of Names For Your Basketball Team

You will definitely find your desired basketball name that will suit that your team. The list comprises of both funny names for your basketball team, cool basketball team names, clever basketball team names, good basketball team names and more.

As a matter of fact, we also added basketball names for the all-girls team as well as basketball names for the all-boys team. All we require from you is to calm down and select the winning basketball names for your beautiful team.

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Funny Basketball Team Names List.

funny basketball team names
Funny Basketball Team Names

The NBA happens to be among the sports activities with in the world with the most MEME-able league. It contains lots of savvy social media savants, funny pop culture crossover, and a trailer load of other stuffs.

Nevertheless, creating a hilarious name for your team can be a bit challenging but below are a few funny team names ideas for your basketball team.

  • The Big Ballers.
  • Drilling Me Softly With His Balls.
  • Making Out With The Balls.
  • Multiple Scorgasms.
  • Net Bursters.
  • Dunk In Love.
  • Green Gangs.
  • The Greek gods.
  • The Bricklayers.
  • Drip Into The Net.
  • 50 Shades Of Klay.
  • Amazing Balls.
  • Balls To The Wall.
  • Three And The Half Men.
  • Three the Hard Way.
  • Net Breakers.
  • Furious Balls.
  • Backbenchers.
  • All I See Is The Net.
  • And One More For Us.
  • Always On The Run.
  • Sneaks and Geeks.
  • 99 Problems Yet A Swish Ain’t One.
  • Average Joes.
  • Resident Evil: (These teams are here for good).
  • Alley-Oops.
  • Cereal Killers.
  • The Dirty Cheetahs.
  • It Ain’t Easy Pippen.
  • Curry Don’t Be In A Hurry.
  • Bed, Bath and Biyombo,
  • A Blow Into My Ears.
  • Court Of Kobestan.
  • Blurred Lins.
  • Blinking Pings.
  • Lying Jordans.
  • Banging Bigly.
  • Comic Sans Cavaliers.
  • Kareem And Cookies.
  • Better Score Saul and Gasol.
  • Crack Smoking Bunnies.
  • Rimshots.
  • Dribbling Soles.
  • Droolers And Dribblers.
  • O. Sham-Yao.
  • The Defenders.
  • Dribbling Raise To Power Two.
  • Double Dribblers.
  • The Defending Champs.
  • His Court Ship (Word Play On His Lordship).
  • The Convid 19 Teams.
  • In The Heart Of The Courts.
  • Durant Durant.
  • Gasolina.
  • Train Gasol.
  • Freaking Squad.
  • Gasolar Eclipse.
  • James Cabin.
  • The Flat Earth Society.
  • Wigging Is Sure Today.
  • Goose Ballers.
  • Soft Soles.
  • Snakes In Geeks.
  • Fruit Ninjas.
  • Hoops I Did It Again!
  • Net Achievers.
  • LeBron’s Tutors.
  • My Net Worth.
  • Soup-A-Starz.
  • Court Hoopers.
  • Yet Another One!
  • Black Mambo No. 4.
  • No Time Out.
  • So Pigs Can Fly?
  • Power Strangers.
  • Screw Balls.
  • Shake And Brake.
  • The Shortest NBA Players.
  • The Assasin Greed: (Play Word For The Assasin Creed).
  • Undo Your Zipser’s: (Referring to Paul Zipser).
  • Tickle Me And Rub My Belinelli: (Referring to Marco Belinelli).

Cool Basketball Team Names.

Cool Basketball team names
Cool Basketball Team Names

Don’t get it twisted, the names are cool but often doesn’t translate to how the team performs in court. Cool name in this context means something really nice; and a nice Basketball Team Names is what people in the court usually adore.

  • Donkey After Donkey.
  • So Dunkalicious.
  • Flying Falcons.
  • Balling Since Day One.
  • Balling So Hard.
  • Ball Magnets.
  • Covid 19 Social Distancing.
  • Just About To Wipe Ur Ass.
  • Fighting With Koalas.
  • About To Embarrass Yo.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Banned Within The Court.
  • The Wall Streets.
  • The Great Walls Of China.
  • Boom Shaka Laka. Net Addicts.
  • Basket Junkies.
  • Ball Achievers.
  • Been Dunking Since Day 1.
  • Air Ballers.
  • The Air Conditionals.
  • Baller Goons.
  • You Will Need Ur Defence.
  • Prison Break.
  • Ankle Breakers.
  • Sanity Of Brooklyn.
  • Wall Builders.
  • Macro Chargers.
  • Breaking The Great Walls Of China.
  • Two Shots: (A-Team Made Up Of Short People).
  • Flying Squirrels.
  • Fire Balls.
  • Certain To Win.
  • Addicted To Winning.
  • Allergic To Loosing.
  • Canni-ball Shooters.
  • Canon Shots.
  • Bear Dribblers.
  • Course Of Collision.
  • WildCats.
  • Wild Child.
  • The Gr8 Defenders.
  • Rulers Of The Court.
  • Winning Ways.
  • De Clear And Present Granger.
  • Flying Balls. Busy Fingers.
  • The Fast And Furious.
  • Wind Breakers.
  • Slinging Machines.
  • On Point.
  • Dunk Dart Sh**t.
  • Five Finger Ball Slingers.
  • Body Shakers.
  • Fast Drivers.
  • Rule Changers.
  • The Flying Jatt.
  • Breaking Fast.
  • The Court Pressure.
  • Back Court Violators.
  • Pace Kings.
  • The Jaguars.
  • The Blue Hawks.
  • Bulldogs.
  • Swift Tigers.
  • Front Stags.
  • Huskies.
  • The Court Orders.
  • Net Rippers.
  • The Net Rage.
  • We Lose Your Neck.
  • Jump Suit Hustlers.
  • Your Luck Down.
  • The Rough Riders.
  • Lowriders.
  • Too Low To The Ground.
  • Monster Team.
  • The Rippers Squad.
  • Catch Me If You Can.
  • Lack Of Sympathy.
  • The Predators.
  • Gunnin While Runnin.

Good Basketball Team Names.

good basketball team names
Good Basketball Team Names


Your Night Mares.

Your Majesty.

Long Range Shots.

Hot Pursuit.

The Fighting Bears.

Sky Scrapers.


Wolf Pack.

The Flying Crap.

Hard Clippers.

Trained Tippers.

Blue Sharks.

Dark Forces.

Spring Field.

Brave Cats.

The Defence Line.

The Wolf Pack.

Motionless Pacers.

Flying Eaglet.


Home Of Blue Sharks.

Ancient Silverswords.

Horey Boys.

Wonder guys.

The Oddyeses.

The Judges In Court.

Bucket Patrol.

We’ve Got The Buckets.

Knicker Bockers.

The SuperChargers.

Super Packs.

Dangling Swingers.

Games Of Cocks.

Blue Raiders.

Silver Bears.

The Giant Gaels.

Green Cobras.

Air Force One.

Sky Scrapers.

Dark Knights.

Captains In Charge.

Pirate Wolves.

The Crush.

Romantic Move.

Shockers Move.

The Marlins.

Break Dancers.

Golden Moves.

Red Storm.


Nanooks of the North.

The Crossovers.

Speed Demons.

The Unshackled Birds.

Foot With Wings.

Hill-Top Hoopsters.

The Caucasian Invasion.

Temporal Raptors.

Detroit Pistons. Western


Devoir Nuggets.

Thunder From Oklahoma City.

Portland Trail Blazers.

Scotch Land Jazz.

Los Angeles Rising Sun.

San Antonio Spurs.

New York Nets.

St. Louis Spirits.

Virginia Squires.

Best Basketball Team Names.

Best Basketball Team Names
Best Basketball Team Names
  • The Hawks.
  • Ark Angels.
  • Dunk In Love.
  • Bouncing Baby Boys.
  • High Powers.
  • Air Nomads.
  • Los Angeles Flight.
  • Zero Violations, So Far.
  • 4-1 Lead.
  • Afrostars.
  • All About Those Passes, No Dribble.
  • Aminu Acids.
  • Noah Apocalypse.
  • Awaiting The Real Deal.
  • Basket Ballers.
  • Net Brawlers.
  • Best Ballers.
  • Chilli Peppers.
  • BomShell.
  • Made For These.
  • Coast To Coast.
  • Air Max.
  • Angel Boyz.
  • The Grasshoppers.
  • Ball Hunters.
  • Higher Power Has Taken A Hold.
  • Weblockalypse Brow.
  • James Garden.
  • Air Planes.
  • Lords of The Dunks.
  • Lords of The Rings.
  • We Are Netflix.
  • Great Leap For Mankind.
  • Psyching Dem Out.
  • Steal, Run, Shot.
  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • The Insurmountable.
  • One Dunk But Two Hands.
  • Winning Boredom.
  • They Can’t Dangle The Truth.
  • Charge Canton.
  • Virginia Squires.
  • Huntsville Flight.
  • Toro Bighorns.
  • Lakas Wizards.
  • Maine Blue Claws.
  • Fort Worth Flyers.
  • Warriors Of Santa Cruz.
  • Mobile Revelers.
  • Charleston Alligators.
  • Flame Florida.
  • Bad Ants.
  • Grand Rapids Drive.
  • Falling Skyforce.
  • Oklahoma’s Most Wanted.
  • Lions Of The Blue Stream.
  • 1st Flight.
  • Ali Express.
  • Ice Landers.
  • Raptured Saints.
  • Mount Karmel.
  • Out Landers.
  • The Orlando Boys.
  • Heartland Falcons.
  • South Texas Revolution.
  • United Cities.
  • Walls Of Jerico.
  • Vikings.
  • Kings Of Georgia.
  • Hoopforlyfe.

Kids/Youth Basketball Team Names.

Youth Basketball team names
Kids/Youth Basketball Team Names.

Youth Alive.

Shawn Kemp’s Kids.

The Modern Man.

Banana Slugs.

The Great Retrievers.

Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

The Cobbers. Pharaohs.

The Arsenals.

Team Spirit.

Sky Force.

Killer Instincts.

Strawberry Jam.

Ripe Crackers.

Long Jumps.


Savage Gentlemen.

The Monarchs.

Court Fever.

Temple Run.

The Super Eagles.

The Cubes.

Court Raiders.

Flying Darts.

Diamond Backs.

Bounce Back.


The Western Union.

Hammer Heads Of Horror.

Can We Get Tropical.


Game Over Men.

The Ravens.


D1 Force.

Bear Cats.

Iron Arms.

PG-13 Weeks.


Mud Hens.


The Desperados.

Roaring Bearcats.

Dare Devils.

Dunky Huskers.

The Rising Stars.

Brave Senators.

The Mad Ants.

The Perfect Storm.

Eagles Of War.

The Lumberjacks.

The Miracle Workers.

Fighting Cardinals.

The Colonial Masters.

Rush Hour.

Dragon Fly.

The Devils Wish.

Savage Storm.

Hard Dunk.

The Shooting Stars.

Sky Force.

The Hot Shots.

Scars And Stars.

Straight Up Bounce.

The Intimidators.

Swinging Monkeys.

The Scavengers.

Dunking Since Day 1.

The Black Panthers.

Strategic Monsters.

Brave Hearts.

The Crusaders.

Crushing Balls.

The Flying Dutchmen.

The Rising Suns.

Tip Your Waiters.

Zig Zaggers.

Desperate Frogs.

Only Nets.

99 Problems, But LeBron Ain’t 1.


Top 10 Best Basketball Moves Of All Time.

Credit: Roger Innamorati

Basketball Team Names For Guys.

  • Big Man And The Sizzle Boys.
  • Court Magicians.
  • The Gladiators.
  • Wonder Boys.
  • The Desperados.
  • Not Here For Netball.
  • Super Stars 4 Hire.
  • Islanders.
  • You’ve Got Next Move.
  • The Pioneers.
  • Gentlemen.
  • Mountain Lions.
  • Leopards Of The Yard.
  • Pretty Vulcans.
  • Crimson Hawks.
  • Red Demons.
  • Boys To Men.
  • Bunch Of Masculine.
  • Air My Balls.
  • Kaman Her Gasol.
  • Backyard Men.
  • Men With Sad News.
  • The Big Balls.
  • Balling Boys.
  • Balling Coast To Coast.
  • Big Boys Don’t Crash.
  • Big Ballers.
  • Star Warz.
  • Clone Wars.
  • Boyz In The Hood.
  • Welcome To The King’s Court.
  • Bros B4 Hawes.
  • Chris Kaman His Pants.
  • The Court Wrecking Dudes.
  • Courtyard Fugitives.
  • Dobermen.
  • Dribble On My Nizzle.
  • Dribbling Pirates.
  • Dunk Yards.
  • Into The Bad Lands.
  • Cock Games.
  • Cool Boys Share Their Balls.
  • Grabbing Axes.
  • Grizzly Balls.
  • Iron Breakers.
  • Super Hook Shot.
  • I Split It Open And Kaman Side.
  • Jump Shot Jacks.
  • Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Courts.
  • Knights In Shining Amir.
  • We Spell Your Names.
  • Rough Play.
  • Meat Ballers.
  • Sky Man.
  • No Hairy Balls Allowed.
  • Swift Movers.
  • See No Sea, Fear No Fear.
  • No Small Balls Here.
  • Far From The Usual.
  • Drunked Dunk.
  • Pride In My Balls.
  • Rough Dudes.
  • Splinter Cells.
  • Slammed Drunk.
  • Drank Much & Got Dunk.
  • The Rippers Army.
  • All Testicles.
  • Testosterone.
  • Hawkley Armies.
  • The Last Ones Standing.
  • Fast Thinkers.
  • Trigger Happy Super Shots.
  • Your Favorite Stars.
  • The Dunking Masters: (Word Play On The Druken Master).

3 on 3 Basketball Team Names.

3 on 3 Basketball
3 on 3 Basketball
  • The Triple Team.
  • It’s Showtime.
  • Three Man Hair Weave.
  • Troublesome Trio.
  • Runs N Jumps.
  • Three Ball Amigos.
  • Deep Ball Screw.
  • Band Boy Ballers.
  • Tri-State Ballers.
  • Wrecking Balls.
  • The Billy Hilly Hoopers.
  • The Ph.D. Holders In Dunk.
  • Three Lethal Weapon.
  • Disgusting Boys.
  • Your Dooms Day.
  • Community Of Dooms.
  • French Connection.
  • Perfect Shot Selection.
  • The Fabulous Five.
  • The Four Horse Men.
  • Men Of Steel.
  • Tomato Crushers.
  • Raging Bulls.
  • Bully Ballers.
  • The Splash.
  • Smoking Balls.
  • Lil Hoopers.
  • Slapp’n That Glass.
  • Top Gunners For Life.
  • Three Amigos.
  • Half Court Hawks.
  • Savage Shooters.
  • Kardiac Chicks.
  • The Mounds of Rebounds.
  • Three Sons Of Rebellion.
  • Killer Bees.
  • Breaking Ankle For A Living.
  • Juicier Legs.
  • I’m A Team Mamba.
  • Crushing Tomatoes.
  • Hot Dogs.
  • Greasy Break.
  • Oriental Brothers.
  • Splash Lovers.
  • Slapp’n That Glass.
  • Dribbling Machine.
  • Master Swingers.
  • Men On Duty.
  • Sleep, Wake Eat and Score On You.
  • Tang Haru Clan.
  • Flaming Marsh-mellows.
  • Three Shades Perfection.
  • Three Shades Of Grey.
  • Tupac snoop and Biggie.
  • Power puff girls.
  • The Backstreet Boys.
  • Humanitarian Trinity.
  • The Trinity of Virginity.
  • Specialists Of 3 Point.
  • Busy Balls.
  • Wonderwoman Batman and Superman.
  • Ghost Ballers.
  • Blue Jersey.
  • Toronto Triplet.
  • Tripod Stand.
  • Three Stooges.
  • Hercules and Beatter.
  • Early Birds.
  • Unshackled Ravens.
  • Flying Cats.

Basketball Team Names For Girls.

Basketball team names for girls
Basketball Team Names For Girls

Are you searching for the best basketball team names for girls? We believe with the suggestions provided below, only the sky can be your limits.

  • Golden Girls.
  • WTF is Liza Wearing?
  • Headbands Make Her Dance.
  • We Deng Girl!
  • Her-icanes.
  • Charle’s Angels.
  • 9 Seconds, 8 Points.
  • Deep River Women.
  • Raging Mamas.
  • Jaspers.
  • Make It Drizzle.
  • Crimson Tide.
  • The Phoenix.
  • Grand Theft Rondo.
  • Pass the Rock to Lamar.
  • Aunty Drew’s Team.
  • Killer Whales.
  • The Rampage.
  • Fighting Hens.
  • The Bell Rang “Ding Dunk”.
  • Give Your Balls To Me.
  • Hot Lavas.
  • Iron Ladies.
  • Sprinting Machines.
  • Your Dream Team.
  • Raging Bulls.
  • Golden Hurricane.
  • Milwaukee Doe.
  • Bush Ladies.
  • Big Girls Don’t Kawhi.
  • Queen Gunners.
  • Berries And Kareem.
  • Bosom Buddies.
  • Kiss Of The Dragon.
  • Brow Chicka Wow Wow.
  • Queens Of The Court.
  • Basket Bees.
  • The Deng Ladies.
  • Every Kiss Begins With Klay.
  • Crimson Storm.
  • Stump The Yard.
  • Lara Croft Batum Raider.
  • Sushi Warriors.
  • Lady Balls.
  • Ice Cold Divas.
  • High Fly.
  • High Impulse.
  • Ozon Layers.
  • Kittens With Claws.
  • The Avengers.
  • Lethal Ladies.
  • Mean Divas Balling.
  • The Pink Ladies.
  • Pussycat Passers.
  • Lazy Cats.
  • Pretty Giants.
  • Penalties Caused By Panties.
  • Black Mambas.
  • Tragics Mother.
  • Murder She Wrote.
  • Keeping It On The Low.
  • Shy Dunkers.
  • A Speed In Time.
  • All The Single Ladies.
  • Afflalo You Anywhere.
  • Game Of Goals.
  • Atomic Fireballs.
  • The Unresistables.
  • The Incredibles.
  • Power Palms.
  • Dame You Fine.
  • Flaming Ladies.
  • Half Court Hotties.
  • Goldstein Girls.
  • Femme Fatales.
  • The Athenas.
  • Baby Got More Back Yards.
  • Rapid Squads.
  • Party After Party Ladies.
  • Rose Before Hoes.
  • Sexy Slam Dunkers.
  • The Tallest Girls You Know.
  • Rose Before Hoes.
  • The Pony Tails.
  • The Wonder Women.
  • Tits, Clits And Bricks.
  • Wild Kittens. Fearless Women.
  • Wonder Girls.
  • East Coast.
  • Sugar Bees.
  • Straight Up Baller Queens.
  • Slick Chicks.
  • Razzle Dazzle.
  • Say Cheese.
  • Controllers.
  • Egyptian Dolls.
  • Jack Rabbits.
  • Red Foxes.
  • Pitch Raiders.
  • Silver Swords.

Real Basketball Team Names List.

Below is a list of real Basketball Team Names. They include universal Basketball Association Team Names.

The list doesn’t end there, as we also included East Coast Basketball League Team Names, Central Basketball Association Team Names, and Florida Basketball Association Team Names.

In addition to that, we added  British Basketball (Men) Team Names, NBL Canada Team Names, South Africa Basketball National League Team Names, and there former team names.

  1. Halifax H.
  2. Island S
  3. KW Titans
  4. John R.
  5. John’s E
  6. Cape Breton H.
  7. Windsor Exp.
  8. Petersburg Cavaliers.
  9. Sudbury F.
  10. Rowan County Bulls.
  11. Winston-Salem Certified.
  12. Moncton M.
  13. London L.
  14. Carolina Crusaders.
  15. Carolina Thunder.
  16. C-Port Trojans.
  17. PrimeTime Players.
  18. South Carolina All-Stars.
  19. Florence Wildcats.
  20. Fort Gordon Eagles.
  21. Carolina MPact.
  22. Charlotte Golden Bulls.
  23. South Carolina Upstate Redhawks.
  24. Carolina Gladiators.
  25. Fayetteville Crossover.
  26. Gastonia Crowns.
  27. High Point Hawks.
  28. Baltimore Shuckers.
  29. Carolina Cougars.
  30. Queen City Express.
  31. Queen City Bulls.
  32. Wilkes County Flames.
  33. South Carolina Showtime.
  34. Charlotte Fury.
  35. Winston Savage.
  36. Oklahoma City Hoops.
  37. Central Indiana Seminoles.
  38. Cin-City Titans.
  39. Midwest Ballers.
  40. Oklahoma Attack.
  41. Kentucky Waves.
  42. Atlanta Legends.
  43. Oklahoma Outlaws.
  44. Cincinnati Redhawks.
  45. Indiana Generals.
  46. Georgia PRIME.
  47. Georgia RIZE.
  48. Southern Generals.
  49. Cleveland Havok.
  50. Georgia Spartans.
  51. GIE Maile Matrix.
  52. Fort Worth FIRM.
  53. North Texas Fresh.
  54. Limpopo Pride.
  55. Mpumalanga Rhinos.
  56. North West Eagles.
  57. Texas Cyclones.
  58. UBA D-League.
  59. Baytown Bandits.
  60. Northern Cape Zebras.
  61. Houston Warriors.
  62. Sugar Land Vipers.
  63. Bowling Green Hornets.
  64. Middle Tennessee Storm.
  65. Memphis Rail Runners.
  66. International Elite Academy.
  67. Indianapolis Blaze.
  68. Jackson Eagles.
  69. Fort Wayne Flite.
  70. Illinois Coal Miners.
  71. Columbus Condors.
  72. Indianapolis Briks.
  73. Memphis Soul Kings.
  74. Peoria Panthers.
  75. Washington Stars.
  76. Florida Flight.
  77. Springfield Sentinels.
  78. Louis Hawks.
  79. Pete Tide.
  80. Bradenton GymRats.
  81. Jacksonville Royals.
  82. Space Coast Stars.
  83. Palm Beach Knights.
  84. Cape Breton H.
  85. Palm Beach Titans.
  86. Tampa Bay Rebels.
  87. Poinciana Pride.
  88. Heartland Prowl.
  89. Marion County Showtime Stallions.
  90. Halifax H.
  91. Island S.
  92. Moncton M.
  93. John R.
  94. KW Titans.
  95. London L.
  96. John’s E.
  97. Sudbury F.
  98. Windsor Exp.
  99. Western Cape Mountaineers.
  100. East Cape Windbreakers.
  101. Kwazulu Natal Marlins.
  102. Egoli Magic.
  103. Tshwane Suns.
  104. Soweto Panthers.

NBA Team Names.

This section of the team names includes both Women NBA team names (WNBA), NBA G-league Team Names, NBA 2K Leagues Team Names, and American Professional Basketball League Team Names.

  1. Atlanta Dream.
  2. Connecticut Sun.
  3. Chicago Sky.
  4. Capital City Go-Go.
  5. Delaware Blue Coats.
  6. Indiana Fever.
  7. Washington Mystics.
  8. Agua Caliente Clippers.
  9. New York Liberty.
  10. Austin Spurs.
  11. Canton Charge.
  12. Erie Bayhawks.
  13. Lakeland Magic.
  14. Long Island Nets.
  15. Greensboro Swarm.
  16. Fort Wayne Mad Ants.
  17. Grand Rapids Drive.
  18. Iowa Wolves.
  19. Maine Red Claws.
  20. Atlanta.
  21. Celtics Crossover Gaming.
  22. Cavs Legion GC.
  23. Brooklyn.
  24. Memphis Hustle.
  25. Northern Arizona Suns.
  26. Mavs Gaming.
  27. Pacers Gaming.
  28. Pistons GT.
  29. Warriors Gaming Squad.
  30. Los Angeles.
  31. Grizz Gaming.
  32. Heat Check Gaming.
  33. Bucks Gaming.
  34. Raptors Uprising GC.
  35. Jazz Gaming.
  36. Minnesota.
  37. 76ers GC.
  38. Blazer5 Gaming.
  39. Knicks Gaming.
  40. Wizards District Gaming.
  41. Oklahoma City Blue.
  42. Magic Gaming.
  43. Kings Guard Gaming.
  44. Raptors 905.
  45. Westchester Knicks.
  46. Windy City Bulls.
  47. Santa Cruz Warriors.
  48. Salt Lake City Stars.
  49. South Bay Lakers.
  50. Sioux Falls Skyforce.
  51. Rio Grande Valley Vipers.
  52. Stockton Kings.
  53. New York City 524.
  54. Wisconsin Herd.
  55. Texas Legends.
  56. New York City Black Eagles.
  57. Dallas Wings.
  58. Minnesota Lynx.
  59. Phoenix Mercury.
  60. Las Vegas Aces.
  61. Los Angeles Sparks.
  62. Seattle Storm.
  63. APBL United.
  64. Brooklyn All Game.
  65. Brooklyn Blazers.
  66. Beltway Bombers.
  67. New York Fearless.
  68. Ocean 11 Brooklyn.
  69. Manhattan Pride.
  70. New York Crusaders.
  71. Rockville Victors.
  72. Buffalo Stampede.
  73. Capital City Express.
  74. Bay Area Shuckers.
  75. Brooklyn Firebirds.
  76. C. Drew All Stars.
  77. Gotham City Revolution.
  78. Hartford Lightning.
  79. C. Funkhouse Piranhas.
  80. Garden State Rebels.
  81. Hudson Valley Hype.
  82. Metropolitan All-Stars.
  83. Hudson Valley Kingz.
  84. Long Island United.
  85. New Jersey Thunder.
  86. New York Lions.
  87. North Jersey Pros.
  88. NoVA Hawks.
  89. Tri-City Suns.
  90. Westchester Wildkatz.
  91. Winchester Storm.
  92. Tru Hope Trailblazers.
  93. North Carolina Coyotes.
  94. Philadelphia Destroyers.
  95. Toms River Shooters.
  96. Washington GreenHawks.
  97. Charlotte Tribe.
  98. Hampton Roads Warriors.
  99. Hickory Hoyas.
  100. East Carolina Cardinals.

Finally Thought

With the list of names that we’ve provided for you and your team above, there’s absolutely no excuse for not choosing one. Even if you don’t want to choose any name from the list above, you can use them as a suggestion to come up with something great.

Meanwhile, if you have any other great suggestions that you want to share with other users, then share it in the comment section.

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